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Free Directory Submissions

Getting listed in a directory is not as easy as getting listed in a search engine. Directories are 'human compiled' lists of websites, grouped into categories. Inclusion is at the discretion of the person reviewing your site and this can sometimes take months. It's worth the wait because *some* directory listings can boost your position in the search engines they feed.

Paid Directory Submissions

Paid submission to directories guarantees a review of your website within a set period of time. Inclusion is still subject to the individual editorial guidelines of each directory and review by an editor. Some advertising we've seen implies that a paid directory submission means guaranteed inclusion, this is usually not true, and that's why it's important to read all the guidelines before applying. The fees are generally not refundable.



Directory Submissions

Other Business Directories and Indexes

There are often free and paid listings available in reputable business directories and indexes that have been compiled especially for your industry or geographic area. It's a good idea to get your site listed with the better ones because they are often heavily promoted locally; achieve good search engine placement and provide a decent amount of referrals.

Search Engine Position...

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