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Basic Search Engine Optimisation Package (SEO)
Your First Step for Search Engine Marketing

This package is a solid start for your organic search engine marketing campaign. The service is designed to focus on the Australian search market and is well suited to any business that wishes to promote their products and services online to consumers and businesses within Australia. In carrying out this service we consider all of the top international and Australian search engines relevant to the Australian search market. The following services are included in this SEO package:

- Website Evaluation
- Online Market Research
- Online Marketing Strategy
- Search Engine Optimisation Instructions (SEO)
- Post SEO Report

What can you expect to gain from this SEO package?

Once your site is search engine friendly, optimised for your target keywords and listed in the major search engines, you then have a site that can benefit from link campaigns, further search engine and directory submissions and content development to improve your search engine position. For some sites, our Basic SEO Package may be all that’s needed to secure top positions in search engines for your targeted keywords and thus an increase in visits to your site. The success of this service will vary depending on the size of your site and number of pages optimised, the quality and uniqueness of your sites content, your industry and search market, your online competition and many other factors. Our ultimate aim is to increase the amount of qualified traffic to your site and we have achieved this for all of our clients to date without exception. More to the point, what we aim to do is increase the number of times your site achieves it's goal. For many of our clients this means an increase in the number of enquiries your site generates. After all, what use is increased traffic and number one positions if you do not benefit?

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Please contact us for full details of the service. We can provide a quick appraisal of your site over the phone if you wish.

Additional Options

You might want to consider adding paid search engine submissions to this package.


Website Promotion Services


Some sites might not be suitable for organic SEO but will be well suited to a paid online advertising campaign instead. See our SEO Quality Guarantee.
*Requires access to an existing web statistics package or web log files which is usually a standard part of your hosting service.

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