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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Quality Guarantee

All of our Search Engine Optimisation services include follow-up to monitor the effectiveness of optimisation and check rankings in the major search engines for the chosen keywords. It's important to us that we provide a top quality service. Your search engine ranking is affected by many aspects that are not within our control (eg. changes to your competitors websites and search engine algorithms) and because of this it is impossible for anyone to legitimately guarantee any particular search engine position.

That said, the sites we have optimised have all shown a very significant increase in search engine referrals and overall visits to the sites and we believe that our standard techniques when applied to standard html websites are effective. Some sites such as those using frames, redirected domain names or dynamic content may not be suitable for our service and we reserve the right to decline servicing these type of sites or any site that we feel we cannot significantly improve with our service.





Website Promotion Services


When making your site search engine friendly using search engine optimisation techniques we follow the guidelines and recommendations made by the major search engines. Search engines are there to help users find relevant results for search queries. Proper optimisation, following these recommendations is far more cost effective for you and your site than employing dubious marketing techniques which may result in the removal of your site from a search index.

If you have any questions about our service or would like examples of sites we have successfully optimised please contact us or make an email enquiry.

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