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Website Statistics To Measure Success

Most website hosting services include a basic website statistics report and these provide information that allows you to easily monitor how successful your website is to some extent.

Key data that we usually look at includes:

How many visitors your website attracts

Where they come from (referring sites or Google for example)

Which pages are the most popular

How many times the 'thanks for making an enquiry' page is viewed

And so much more...

This is an easy way to measure and improve the effectiveness of your search engine marketing strategy and your website in general. Your web statistics can also work well in conjunction with offline advertising (such as direct mail-outs) because you can include your web address and then check to see if site visits increase. This can give you a pretty good indication of the interest created by your marketing.


Google Analytics is now a fantastic option over and above the statistics packages available from your web host. We highly recommend this free service and add the Google analytics code to most of the websites we build. If you're doing this yourself, make sure that your Google account is set up under a generic email address that can be transferred is staff memebers move on (or if you sell the business).





Website Statistics

Website Statistics Peporting

Monitor visitor numbers and much more...

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