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Web Design and Development

A great looking, well-built website boosts credibility, sets you apart from your competitors and attracts new clients easily. From your first business web page design (or website redesign for your existing site) to the careful management of a mature business web presence, Creative Mode provides a complete range of custom web design services and powerful online marketing strategies that deliver better results for Brisbane business owners. You can read more about site features and our web development process below.

Custom Design

When you invest in good quality design based on a detailed creative brief, it's easy to look more appealing than your competitors.

Mobile Friendly

Your sites' responsive design and code will ensure it looks good on mobiles, tablets and desktops not just now but into the future.

Search Engine Optimised

Your website will be built with code and structure that makes perfect sense to Google because you want to be found online and we know this is essential.

Easy Content Updates

If you choose to manage your own content, you'll add new pages and update content for free via the highly scalable WordPress content management system (CMS).

Fast Loading

We guarantee your website will load fast making mobile users happy and satisfying Google's speed signal requirement for ranking. Even better if we can host the site as well.

Conversion Optimised

Because we've worked together to understand your site visitor needs, they take the desired action on your website more often. We know how to do this well and adjust as needed.

Great User Experience (UX)

Our easy-to-use navigation and understanding of how users interact with your website is key to delivering a relevant and meaningful user experience that feels 'easy'.

Support & Training

Don't worry. We're available for support with plans for both your website and your marketing once your free support ends. Anything you need and you won't need to ask twice.

One Stop Shop

Enjoy using our high quality hosting service in Australia exclusively for our web development clients. No call centres and we aim to respond in minutes, not hours or days.

Automatic Updates

Technology changes quickly. Our sites can include automatic updates to the latest features to assist with your business objectives so you remain competitive.

Process Makes Perfect

Do you understand what's involved? By now you probably know there's more to a small business website than code and design. We outline our process below and if you'd like the full breakdown of tasks just complete the form at the bottom of the page and we'll send you a worksheet, no strings attached.

Web designer in Brisbane

1. Strategy

With your business and marketing objectives defined, we can research your industry and customers, define your message and success metrics, design and document your strategy, select channels and create a marketing communications plan.

2. UX & Content

In this stage, user journeys and customer touchpoints are defined, wireframes drafted and your site map created and documented. Once we've planned the site structure, content strategy follows and content development can start.

3. Design

With your creative brief in hand we use research and ideation tactics to come up with a design direction that meets the brief. We can then create your style tile and flat designs for review and feedback. Colours, fonts, image styles are all explored here, bringing the previous 'wireframe' to life.

4. Code

Server and software setup is next with base content added and then we work diligently on the theme code and CSS to turn your approved design into a finished product. Features and functions are added and tested in this stage. The result is a working site ready for content.

5. Content

Content development often begins as soon as the site map is finalised. We create pages to match the approved site map and add the content when the theme coding is complete. This includes contextual graphics, banners and the like. We then read and optimise every page for search engines and users.

6. Test & Launch

With the site now ready for final testing and review it's all hands on deck to double check every aspect and ensure we've met every item in the requirements specification. Upon client approval the site can go live.

7. Support and Training

We offer over-the-phone and in-person training to our website project clients and a guarantee on all websites. Add to this our 60 day check-in and 90 day performance review and advice and you can be sure that after the site launches we don't just disappear.

8. Growth

Most of our clients stick with us right up until they retire or sell their business. It's likely over the years that you'll want upgrades and new features or a redesign. With Creative Mode, your website can continue to evolve to keep up with technology and remain competitive.


If you're interested in working with us feel free to get in touch to request a copy of our detailed process PDF

Development Process PDF

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Web design

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